EPIC Pressure Controlled Bag/Ventilation Rate Timer Supply Program


The EPIC project believes that avoiding hyperventilation is of critical importance in TBI. The only tools we have found to address this ubiquitous problem include the use of Pressure Controlled Bags (PCB), Ventilation Rate Timers (VRT), and End Tidal CO2. In order to successfully implement the Brain Trauma Foundation guidelines, we believe that using tools like these and meticulous monitoring of the V-EMT is crucial to optimum outcomes.

The EPIC project has received a generous grant from the Ramsey Foundation to provide an initial supply of PCBs and VRTs to all EPIC-Certified agencies in the state of Arizona. The PCBs are intended for use only in TBI, because we have a very limited supply.

EPIC Certified means that the agency is sharing data with the EPIC Project on TBI patients, will continue to do so throughout the duration of the project, and has a minimum of 85% of their EMS Providers trained in EPIC Guidelines. These factors are imperative in the success of the EPIC Project.


  1. Agency agrees to share TBI records with EPIC Team and train at least 85% of their EMS Providers in EPIC Guidelines.
  2. Agency provides copies rosters of trained personnel and number of active first response/first care units or vehicles to ceretclark@email.arizona.edu.
  3. Front Line Vehicle: means a vehicle fully ready to respond to a call without moving equipment from another vehicle. This generally excludes Battalion Chief, Captain’s vehicles, utility trucks, or other support vehicles. If you are not sure whether a vehicle qualifies, please let us know. We are working to make the supply as useful to as many people as possible.
  4. Agency EMS Chief level or above provides EPIC Education Project Manager (bbarnhart@medadmin.arizona.edu) with email verifying data sharing and completion of training of EMS personnel to 85% or higher. See sample language below.
  5. EPIC Data staff will verify that active data sharing is underway
  6. EPIC Education staff will verify that training has been completed to a level of at least 85%.

Initial Supply:

Based on availability, each agency will be given one adult Pressure Controlled BVM with attached VRT, and one pediatric PCB per EMS vehicle (as described above), plus one adult or pediatric bag for training purposes. Currently, pediatric VRTs do not exist. EPIC is working on developing and procuring them.

 Agencies Receiving Up To 18 Adult and 18 Peds PCBs:

  1. Agency will email bbarnhart@medadmin.arizona.edu, and confirm time and availability for pickup.
  2. Bags can be picked up during business hours at 714 E. Van Buren Street, Phoenix AZ 85006.
  3. Agency will sign form acknowledging pickup of bags.

 Agencies receiving More Than 18 Adult/18 Peds bags

  1. EPIC Education staff will email Kerry White the agency contact and number of bags the agency is allotted.
  2. Agency is responsible to email Kerry at kwhite@starwest.us and arrange a time to pick up bags.
  3. Kerry will be available to meet Agency personnel to pick up bags on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday after 3pm or Friday from 10am until 2pm. The warehouse is not staffed, so arrangements must be made with Kerry or no one will be there.
  4. Warehouse is located at 645 W. Main Street, Mesa, AZ  85201
  5. Agency will sign form acknowledging receipt of bags.
  6. Kerry will scan and email signed form to bbarnhart@aemrc.arizona.edu to confirm that agency has picked up devices.
  7. Kerry will monitor PAR levels and will notify Bruce Barnhart when stock levels reach 200 bags.


The current grant does not provide for resupply. The hope is that agencies will add PCBs to their supply lists, and will be able to resupply internally. We understand that this may not be the case with all agencies. Several mechanisms may help address the ongoing supply issue:

  1. If the agency resupplies from an ambulance company, they may have the PCBs in stock. Please check with the transporting company and exchange a new PCB if possible.
  2. Vendors that carry the PCB include LifeAssist, Henry Schein and Boundtree.
  3. If your agency decides to carry the PCB in stock, resupply from your stock.
  4. Another option is to use a new Ventilation Rate Timer with your existing BVM. This is not optimum, but will assist with avoiding inadvertent hyperventilation. These devices cost about $2.00-$3.00 each and we can assist with locating a vendor. Please contact Bruce Barnhart for details.
  5. If none of these is an option, please let us know (bbarnhart@aemrc.arizona.edu) and we will do all we can to resupply you with a new bag and/or VRT while supplies last. Resupply by EPIC will be done as possible based on need and availability.

Vehicle Decals:

All EPIC Certified Agencies, will receive one heavy duty, UV protected EPIC Certified Agency Traumatic Brain Injury Decal, at no charge to proudly display on your EMS vehicle or headquarters. Additional decals are available, at a cost of $6.00 cash per unit, which is the cost of production. These can be obtained upon pick up of pressure controlled bags & ventilation rate timers. Other arrangements can be made for certain circumstances. Please notify an EPIC team member if you have any questions.